In Advanced Painting Workshop class, Spring semester 2020, I chose to depart from my recent nude work, by exploring the human figure and desire for eachother's interaction through faces. 
This collection, Collage Paintings, are an exploration of color, composition and chaos in an ominous space and completed in both acrylic and oil paint on wood, stretched or un-stretched canvas. They are composed of heads and figures from my film photographs and are inspired by a young life. 
Advanced Painting Workshop Presentation 
Spring 2020 | Final Presentation 
For my last semester at college, I present my final semester's work below.
Collage Paintings
Spring 2020 | Paintings
Acrylic and oil paintings on wood and canvas composed of many collaged heads as well as figure representation, body parts, and living things such as plants. 
Instagram Story Digital Art Show 2020
Spring 2020 | Digial Social post
I organized and designed the images for an Instagram story for my Advanced Painting Workshop class at the end of the 2020 Spring Semester. 

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